Robotics - Handlingsysteme

... Intelligent and resource-efficient

Through the use of robotic systems of working life of man is a bit safer and easier. Depending on the nature of your application we will be able, specifically for the workflow of your production, targeted to automate intelligent and resource-efficient robot systems and to design solutions.

For each task, the ideal model, we find together with our partner Kawasaki Robotics industrial robots for your application. With a high level of skills and flexibility suitable robot systems can optimize your production process and guarantee a stable quality of your products.

Choose your robot for your application:
• robots for small loads up to 80 kg
• robot for medium payloads up to 300 kg
• Robot for heavy loads up to 700 kg
• spot welding robot
• palletizing
• Pick & Place Robot
• Arc welding robots
• explosion-proof painting robot
• Cleanroom Robots
• robots for medical and pharmaceutical industry

We like to advise you !!

Robot handling systems for the following areas:
• Handling and assembly
• Painting and gluing
• Machine loading
• Quality control
• palletizing


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